Changes to TheWestReview

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Previously I’ve reviewed my albums through paragraphs, detailing the positives, the negatives, followed by a concluding statement on what I think. I’m now taking steps to change the way I ‘rate’ the albums I review; as this is an online blog (WWW) and it’s called the West revieW (WW) I will be rating albums on a scale of 1-5 Ws.

1 W – An album that disappoints; one that maybe had potential but in the end flopped, not a lot to appreciate and is ultimately forgettable.

2 Ws – An album that shows potential but never quite lands; maybe has a couple of saving graces but on the whole wasn’t all that.

3 Ws – An album that’s pretty good and might be worth a gander; on the whole it’s enjoyable and a lot of people will like it, but still needs work.

4 Ws – A solid album that I can recommend; odds are it’s a great piece of music that you should listen to right away, near enough the entirety of the album will be great and may only be held back by a couple of tracks.

5 Ws – An album that is a masterpiece; you won’t see this rating very often.

You may also see half ratings like three and a half Ws, these will be indicated with half a W (V), for example WWWV.

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