Eminem’s 30 Greatest Songs, Part3: #10-#1


If you missed them, check out Part1 (#30-#20) and Part2 (#19-#11)

Needless to say Eminem’s solitary show at Wembley Stadium, London sold out within a matter of hours, luckily for those who missed out he’s added an extra date the day after, either way, here are the top ten Eminem songs.

10. Mockingbird, Encore (2004)
Probably the most sincere song in his catalogue, Eminem covers every one of his family issues, from his [ex] wife’s drug addiction, his absence in his daughters’ lives because of his job, the times he’s been robbed, and much more, it’s all touched upon and no stone is left unturned in the underbelly of Eminem’s world.

9. Just Don’t Give A Fuck, The Slim Shady LP (1999)
‘Slim Shady, brain dead like Jim Brady.’ Just Don’t Give A Fuck is one of Eminem’s most gritty ‘Illmatic-esque’ songs in his catalogue, the beat leaves so much for him to do and wow does he pull it off, despite the talent, fame, riches and all that go with stardom, you genuinely believe he doesn’t give a fuck. I’m so glad this song was part of his setlist when I saw him last year.

8. ‘Til I Collapse, The Eminem Show (2002)
The next two songs were extremely difficult to rank, I wasn’t sure which one should be higher than the other. Either way, ‘Til I Collapse gave birth to one of THE lines in rap, the ‘here’s my list’ line(s). The beat was heavy hitting backed with claps, bass plucks, a Nate Dogg hook, if you ever want to go up a weight at the gym, just put this hard-hitter on.

7. No Love (ft Lil Wayne), Recovery (2010)
I decided No Love deserved the no.7 spot over ‘Til I Collapse for many reasons- the dynamic compatibility of both rappers, the excellent Haddaway sample, the disgusting drum that introduces Lil Wayne, but ultimately it deserved its spot because of the intensity of the track. Without fail, I get goosebumps every time I listen, maybe because it’s one of those songs I can rap the entirety of, nevertheless both rappers put everything they have into this song with Lil Wayne dropping arguably one of the best verses he ever has, but of course Mr Mathers once again steals the show and wipes away any doubt that he was about to be ‘murdered on his own shit’. Enter..

6. Renegade – JAY Z (ft Eminem), The Blueprint (2001)
On one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time, one of the most talked about tracks is home to a guest spot from Eminem. An album deemed classic, legendary, perfect, a masterpiece, is clouded by an incredible verse from the white rapper from Detroit. Eminem classes himself as ‘a modern day Shakespeare’, and to be honest, I couldn’t put it better myself.

5. White America, The Eminem Show (2002)
Never have I heard such a politically charged, personally helmed, passionately executed song. In my opinion this song is near perfect and whenever I listen, I hang onto Eminem’s words. Every song I’ve written about so far I’ve had playing while doing so, but in writing about White America, I had to wait ‘til it had finished because I was so enthralled.

4. Guilty Conscience, The Slim Shady LP (1999)
Dr Dre lent his vocals to the funniest Eminem track out there, but it’s not just hilarious, it’s an incredible concept- having two rappers illustrating the bad and good thoughts of people is nothing short of genius, as you’d expect, the lyrics are as good as they come.

The next three songs are almost impossible to rank and I almost couldn’t do it, each could be number 1 with ease, but below is just my personal preference.

3. Lose Yourself, The 8 Mile Soundtrack/Single (2002)
The most inspirational Eminem song, and in my opinion the most inspirational rap song- hard hitting, honest, true, emotive, lyrical, genius, tell me that intro guitar doesn’t make you pumped.

2. Like Toy Soldiers, Encore (2004)
I ranked this higher than Lose Yourself because it was the very first piece of music I ever bought- I heard this when I was around 10 years old and it had such an impact on me I went out and bought it with my pocket money for £2.99 at the time. Of course back then I didn’t read into the song and understand the deep meaningful lyrics about rap battles, Eminem’s feuds, his friendship with both 50 Cent and Dr Dre, as well as the death of rappers because of the rap game, I very nearly gave the number one spot to Like Toy Soldiers.

1. Stan, The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
The rain, the minimal self produced beat, the chilling Dido sample/feature and the pencil scribbles all add to why this is Eminem’s greatest song. The song speaks such volumes, it conveys such a message that you actually forget it’s Em rapping in a song, you genuinely think it’s an obsessed fan, the rhymes are that effortless. What makes Stan such an excellently composed track is the deterioration of the main character, he gets more and more frustrated throughout, until his love for Eminem takes a dark turn there is no way back from. The song could have been left there, but it’s his final verse as himself that show just how talented Marshall Mathers really is.


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