The Video Everybody’s Talking About


Not so long ago (17th May) a video was posted to YouTube of a man performing with his guitar outside a supermarket, nothing out of the ordinary so far, but what follows is quite incredible. Two other men happen to stumble upon the performer and join in with him, spontaneously breaking out into song and rap with immaculate chemistry and rapport. Watch the video below:

Following the undeniable talent of the three, talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel caught wind of the video, after way over eight million views garnered just over the weekend. He brought the three out and they performed a refined version of the song above, but what then follows is even more incredible:

Goosebumps? I sure got them, what an incredibly noble thing for Kimmel to do, you can guarantee that least one, if not all three will now have a musical career. They’re all innately talented and their ability to gel with each other off the cuff is more evidence of their ability, maybe than the output itself. Not so sure about Aloe Blacc trying to upstage the trio at the end, but shout out to Trey Songz for taking something of a backseat to provide harmonising vocals. Following the liftoff of the aspiring rapper who performed for Kanye West lately, it truly shows that thanks to the powerful position of social media and the beauty of music, if you’ve got it, that spark, that quality and that love for music, your chance could be just round the corner.

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