Jamie T – Carry On The Grudge


Remember Jamie T? I know right, it’s been a while. Well believe it or not, Carry On The Grudge is in fact his first release since 2009’s Kings and Queens, a great album home to some great singles such as Sticks N Stones. If I’m honest, it’s actually tricky to distinguish exactly what kind of musician Jamie T is, he’s rapped before, and he’s definitely good at it, he’s flirted with the idea of punk rock, and he’s maybe even better at that, so having glanced across both of his prior releases, I was intrigued to see which way Carry On The Grudge would be taken.

If you like Alex Turner or Arctic Monkeys in any sense, you’ll most likely enjoy Carry On The Grudge. Take away the ever-reliant guitar and hard-hitting percussion, and a more measured take on UK indie rock/punk is what you’re left with. Take the excellent Trouble, a song with an infectious ‘do-do-do’ that everybody loves, a perfectly encapsulating song to the style we’ve come to expect from Jamie T. A further highlight to Carry On The Grudge is the instant-classic single Zombie, it’s similar to Stick N Stones, but a lot better. It features Paul Weller-esque production styles, and complimented with Jamie’s British translation of the Ramones-style ‘I don’t give a shit if you like this or not’ vocals, it really is an absolute cracker of a song.

It’s not just the punk-rock inspired jams on the album, but also the more vocally reliant tracks such as Love Is Only a Heartbeat Away, it shows a side that I certainly haven’t seen of Jamie T, and with his mournful vocals working alongside the symphonic strings that make up the song, it’s a further gem in the excellent batch of songs found on the album. Even more impressively, he doesn’t restrict this to just one song, and achieves the same slowed-down ‘this is a real jam’ aura with Murder of Crows. 

As you can see, I have very few complaints about Carry On The Grudge. Jamie T’s work hasn’t necessarily been at the top of my wish-list, but after listening to his latest LP, you can consider me a massive fan. I really enjoyed Carry On The Grudge and thanks to Jamie T’s ever-progressive diversity there’s no shortage of variation, from the soulful reflective tracks like Mary Lee, to the more revved up Rabbit Hole, it’s very difficult to not like this album, not that I’m trying to of course.

Verdict – WWWV

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