Nicki Minaj – The Pinkprint


Wether or not you’re a fan, nobody can deny the popularity and undeniable pop-star charm possessed by Nicki Minaj. Looking to cement herself as the queen of pop, already surprising the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and now looking to leapfrog Rihanna and Beyonce, the young money icon preps the release of her third studio album The Pinkprint. Having already smashed the idea of marketing, what with the ‘break the internet’-style video and artwork to Anaconda as well as the controversial Nazi-spouting lyric video to Only. The Pinkprint was looking to be a biggy.

I’m torn between Nicki Minaj, in instances like Moment for Life or on Kanye’s Monster, she really is one hell of a lyricist, one who could really keep tabs on the game’s best, but on the other hand, her music is simply unlistenable. It might be just down to taste but I simply cannot get into Nicki’s own style of music, and The Pinkprint is simply horrendous in some instances. Four Door Aventador sounds likes she’s choking and shivering in her verses, while a shocking British accent makes up the hook. It even nabs a few lines from Come All Ye Faithful and her trademark ‘dark/deep’ flow. It’s simply offensive to listen to.

The above is a particularly bad track, but the R&B side of Nicki Minaj is surprisingly lifting, or maybe it’s because the rest of the album is just that bad? The opening of the album, coupled with the joyous Grand Piano, and the more-so symphonic The Night Is Still Young give me a little more to warm to, but again, her main ability is supposed to be rapping, yet I find myself praying that she doesn’t start after some of the vulgarity and general horror she’s ‘rapped’ already. The Lunch Money Lewis-assisted Trini Dem Girls is a blip of positivity within the album, nodding at the likes of Gyptian and J. Boog, what with the reggae inspired tuneful aesthetic.

Nicki Minaj is undeniably one of the biggest stars within music, her over-the-top music videos, and her even more exaggerated figure and all key to her current place within the industry- at the top of it. But maybe that’s the only reason, and not her abundantly and consistently horrific music. As I said, some of The Pinkprint is tolerable and dare I say good, but when songs like Favourite and Feeling Myself still manage to worm their way into Nicki’s albums, it’s impossible to see that her most popular music is nothing more than the best of a bad bunch.

Verdict – WV

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