Tempa T – Pre The Baitness


Tempa T burst onto the scene with anthemic Next Hype, with an abundantly clear low budget with the DIY music video, minimalist production qualities, and quick-fire aggressive lyricism, it encapsulated the UK grime scene- with many tipping the song as one of greatest grime songs of all time. Fast forward six years to 2015, and Tempz has finally blessed us with his debut album- admittedly after most of the ‘hype’ surrounding him had died down.

There’s no getting around the fact that Tempa T is one hell of an energy, he’s an aggressive MC who spits more venom than most of the (UK) game put-together right now, you may have seen him side with Rebel Sound rather than grime collective Boy Better Know in October’s Red Bull Soundclash. This unforgiving onslaught of grime hits you hard when listening to Pre The Baitness with Tempz showing that he’s still the same MC as he was in 2009, still declaring that he ‘don’t know why’ on Box On My Head with the same tenacity as he did on Next Hype.

Pre The Baitness is an avid representation of grime music, but it doesn’t capture the grittiness and DIY aesthetic of the genre across the entirety of the project, such as with the contrapuntal auto-tuned side to Know My Name. Unfortunately it beams inconsistency and doesn’t maintain Tempa T’s vicious hard-hitting character as 96 Bars does for example.

A lot of my followers are from the US, and if you wish to grab a flavour of what the UK grime scene is all about, I can’t 100% recommend the entirety of Pre The Baitness, a lot of the project is an outstanding representation of grime such as with the aforementioned 96 Bars, Shelly, Box On My Head and Fletcher, but if you want an all-out grime record, take a look at Wiley’s Playtime Is Over, or Kano’s London Town. However, Tempa T’s Pre The Baitness is still a solid grime record that fits into the patchwork of the genre without hesitation.

Verdict – WWW

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