Jimmy Napes – The Making of Me EP


While many of you may not recognise Jimmy Napes by name of by face (he looks a bit like Will from The Inbetweeners) you will certainly recognise some of his work. Real name-James Napier, Napes is responsible for writing and crafting an array of recognisable chart behemoths including Disclosure’s now-anthemic Latch, Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down and Stay With Me, Naughty Boy’s La La La, and Clean Bandit’s Rather Be. By my count, that’s three number ones already. While often having writing credits, Napes’ work expands to the productive end of things where you can find his name plastered all over Disclosure and Sam Smith’s debuts, as well as providing work for legendary acts of Nile Rogers’ and Mary J Blige’s caliber.

Looking to make a name for himself in his own right, Jimmy Napes blesses us with his debut release- an EP entitled The Making of Me. The three-track project is very much in the same vein of his previous work with other artists, and fans of the hits mentioned above can look no further than The Making of Me to fill the house/vocal/pop shaped void left by Smith and Disclosure following the no-sign-of-a-sophomore abyss.

While you can’t expect the same kind of vocal range as you can from Smith, I think it would be unfair to make too many comparisons between the two artists. However, the Disclosure comparisons are something I simply can’t help but do. Keep You To Myself features the same synths that made the electronic duo household names, they’re here to stay across the duration of the EP, it also possesses similar themes as on You & Me. 

The Making of Me is a stellar little project. The ever-popular fusion of pop and house continues to weave its way into the mainstream, and Jimmy Napes is more than happy to slot into the patchwork of this revitalisation. While you could of course argue he was there from the start of this rebirth, it’s good to see a talented producer/song-writer making a name for himself in his own right with an impressive piece of music.

Verdict – WWWV

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