Streetworn; Second-hand Streetwear at Second-hand Prices

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Today marks another exciting development for my audience, well..hopefully. Besides music, one of my other interests in life is men’s style and trends, namely streetwear. While I wouldn’t quite call myself a Hypebeast, I’m sure a lot of people would. I love Supreme, I buy into their brand, I spend my life on eBay looking to swoop bargains from an array of brands, I’m always up-to-date with the latest and greatest labels, but never would you find me camping outside a shop for anything.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 15.24.09

Like many Hypebeasts out there, sometimes eBay just isn’t enough to get the products I want, or at least for the price I want. Aiming to help solve this problem I introduce to you- Streetworn. Streetworn is here to solve all your Hypebeast/cheapskate needs- I set out to provide an array of streetwear for much less than retail price. Some of the brands you can expect to see on Streetworn include Stussy, Nike, The Hundreds, Adidas, LRG, Alife, Huf, Carhartt, Obey, the coveted Supreme, and many more. On each item’s page you can see the original retail price, as well as the price you can nab each item for- I aim to provide at least 30% off each item. I am not in this for financial gain, I simply want to make the best more accessible.

So if like me you like streetwear, would maybe call yourself a Hypebeast, or simply want the best for less, head over to and grab yourself a bargain.

Apologies to all my international readers- I currently only ship to the UK.

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