[ALBUM REVIEW] Muse – Drones


Muse are another band who have somehow wormed their way to the top of every festival’s lineup, despite not really doing a lot, besides being critics’ wet dreams and having ‘that big hit’ under their belt. But once I get down to listening to them, which if I’m honest isn’t all that often, I realise what one hell of a band they actually are. My perception aside, the three-peice Brit rock group return with their first album since 2012’s The 2nd Law, the anticipated Drones.

Muse are tricky to categorise, with tracks like Psycho they bleed into the nether regions of all-out rock, almost flirting with the idea of heavy metal with frontman Matthew Bellamy shredding up the track. However, in other occasions such as with The Globalist, the tracks are progressive, layered and take time and dedication for you to receive the satisfaction. Clocking in at over ten minutes, featuring a string powered intro, to Creep-esque riff, to whiny-yet-addictive Freddie Mercury-channelling delivery from Bellamy, to all out electro-inspired battering of a guitar, a modern day Bohemian Rhapsody is all I can compare it to. It also shows every avenue of Muse’s excellence.

As mentioned, the rock of the progressive kind are where I feel Muse’s strongest material stems from, and luckily for us Drones is full of it. Often I’ve found in the past that Bellamy’s vocals are sometimes too moany for my tastes, but I feel less of this with the group’s seventh album. Muse can often rub off as a bit samey on occasions, with Reapers recalling Mika if he were take some kind of horrible drug-infused cocktail complete with LSD, steroids and calpol. However, tracks such as the excellently patient Aftermath ultimately epitomise what a solid album Drones is, but I will say you’ll need to stick around and hold out for the moment you realise this.

Verdict – WWWV

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