Kesha vs Dr Luke: A Summary and Timeline

This week, I’ve seen my timeline flooded with people supporting Kesha in her court case against super pop producer Dr Luke. I’ve seen people using sexism as an argument, I’ve seen biased and uneducated opinions, and I’ve also seen people who just want to argue over it on Facebook, just because they’re bored. When really, they don’t have a clue what this case entails.

Simply put-

  1. Kesha becomes worldwide phenomena, with Dr Luke responsible for writing or producing most of her hits including Tik Tok.
  2. She enters rehab, loses a legal battle with ex-label for $55 million, has album with The Flaming Lips cancelled.
  3. October 2014: Kesha files a lawsuit against Dr Luke for an array of charges including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and emotional distress.
  4. October 2014: Dr Luke files various counter-lawsuits, also against Kesha’s mother and agent.
  5. February 2015: Kesha requests to be relieved of her contractual obligations to create more albums with record label- Sony.
  6. Sony offers to allow Kesha to not have to work with Dr Luke, although still obliged to release music with them.
  7. February 2016: Kesha loses the request to be released from Sony.

So, to summarise, the recent ‘breaking news’ surrounding Kesha was that she had been denied her request to leave Sony. She is still contractually obliged to fulfil her six-album-deal with Sony, and the recent course case she lost was a rejection of this request to cancel it.

Kesha hadn’t lost a court case against Dr Luke, she lost a case against Sony- they are different cases.

As of yet, Dr Luke has not been charged with any of the accusations that Kesha has made, and so in the eyes of the law, she is contractually obliged to fulfil the terms of the deal. You have to remember that all of Kesha’s claims are ‘accusations’ not actual committed offences- yet anyway.

None of us know wether of not Dr Luke did indeed commit these offences, but as the old saying goes- everybody is ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

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