Boomtown Fair Introduces Groundbreaking New Drug Safety Measures for 2017

Drugs, and the recreational taking of which, at least here in England, was once the moral panic to end all mankind. However, in particular over the last five years, while still 100% illegal, recreational drug-taking has shown something of a renaissance within the clubbing and festival communities, with British police tentatively turning the odd blind eye to small amounts of weed, and not instantly reaching for handcuffs at the sight of a pill or two.

Tragically however, lives are still being taken on a daily basis, not just due to the easily attainable-yet-powerful substances out there, but also due to lack of education. Festivals across Europe have already began implementing drug safety initiatives to help educate young people on drugs; a controversial move which sees protestors shocked at what’s seen as encouragement.

And as fabric in London found out not so long ago, some events are of course more renowned for their relationship with intoxicants- Glastonbury goes without saying, Secret Garden Party is another, NASS as well, and of course Boomtown Fair.

At this year’s event, Boomtown has gone above and beyond drug safety requirements, and in turn provided something of a groundbreaking new platform for young people and their relationship with drugs. Initiatives implemented at this year’s festival will include free substance testing kits for all attendees, as well as professional on-site counsellors to provide education on drug safety and their dangers.

That being said, in partnership with Hampshire Police, Boomtown will also still be doing everything they can to prevent drugs from entering the festival. Most specifically, instant expulsion for all those caught bringing in any illegal substances.

Boomtown Fair runs from 10th-13th August, and will feature performances from the likes of Cypress Hill, M.I.A., The Specials and Toots and The Maytals. 


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