[LIVE REVIEW] RUN All Day 2019 – Weekend 2


[LIVE REVIEW] RUN All Day 2019 – Weekend 2
Where: Motion, Bristol
When: 14th September 2019
Who: Dimension, DJ Marky, DJ Hype, Friction

Last weekend, famed Bristol-based bass institution, RUN, returned to one of the South West’s best-loved venues for the second of two weekend takeovers. The weekend before Andy C headed up the lineup with support from Turno, Whiney and friends, while last weekend was fronted by the likes of Dimension, DJ Marky, Friction and The Prototypes.

With the last dreads of summer now fading and the final late-night suns setting, this was perhaps the last weekend to take advantage of outdoor, daylong raves. And with glorious sunshine on side, the main Motion room plus two outdoor spaces were the welcomed home for the day’s drums.


Found towards the back of The Marble Factory, RUN in The Jungle’s intimate outdoor stage was among the best I’ve experienced at Motion, with a powerful soundsystem ringing and bouncing around the close confines of the dancefloor.

DJ Hype and Sub Zero provided two of the day’s highlight sets, with the former mixing and scratching his way through an ‘Irregular Jungle’ set, and the latter providing a seemingly endless supply of hard and heavy rollers.

Off the cuff collaboration and unadvertised guests were a mainstay of RUN weekend two, with Voltage stopping by for a surprise b2b with Serum, with Inja helped out on the mic by both Bassman and Trigga. Afterwards, in leaning towards the more operatic, progressive scale of drum and bass, Dimension brought the event to a close with a cinematic, visually-helmed headline set worth raving about.


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