2019 in review: the best dance songs


The Chemical Brothers at Glastonbury 2019

House and techno have been essential parts of a huge year for electronic music, with established superstar DJs contributing to the craft just as much as fresh-faced up-and-comers.

Underworld and The Chemical Brothers simply refused to retire, with two well-received albums released this year. Meanwhile breakthrough stars Folamour and Peggy Gou continued to take advantage of the all-out industry hype and acclaim. Here we take a look at some of the biggest releases; the best house and techno songs of 2019.



Groove Armada – I Can Only Miss You
Twenty One Years is the latest project from famed electronic act Groove Armada, released in celebration of the duo’s 21st anniversary. I Can Only Miss You was one of two new tracks to feature on the career-spanning compilation, encompassing a sound which has captivated rave audiences for over two decades.


Folamour – Don’t Make Me Leave You Again, Girl
Folamour continues his meteoric rise as one of the scene’s most in-demand selectors, with the release of the Ordinary Drugs LP. Seductive basslines and sinister synths make up one of the album’s highlights, and marks something of a departure from the feel-good Boiler Room outings Folamour’s known for. 


Ólafur Arnalds – They Sink (TOKIMONSTA Remix)
No stranger to electronic music, contemporary composer Ólafur Arnalds enlisted TOKIMONSTA for a remix of They Sink, one of the highlights from Arnalds’ 2018 album Re:member. The revamped take finds new life as a hypnotic chill ride of floating synths and rhythmic percussion — a worthy rework of the original.


Hammer – Parabola
Bicep’s trusted collaborative partner and signee, famous for joint efforts like Daliah and I Believe, Hammer continued his conveyor belt of releases with three new recent projects. Panoptic was the most recent EP, whose title track was an assured anthem, one with signature Feel My Bicep claps and basslines.


Peggy Gou – Starry Night
It’s been literally impossible to ignore Peggy Gou and her ascendency to the one of pop culture’s most influential icons, whether it’s in fashion, music or anything in between. Style, sets and social media aside, her production continues to enthrall the electronic music scene, with It Makes You Forget among 2018’s biggest tracks, and Starry Night among 2019’s.


Underworld – Listen To Their No
Underworld are true industry legends and, at 62 and 60 years old respectively, Karl and Rick still show no signs of slowing down. This year the duo pumped out well over 36 new tracks as part of their ongoing Drift series alone. Listen to Their No was among the highlights, with chirrupy synths and choral vocals bringing trademark euphoria.


O’Flynn – Sunspear
Sunspear captures the vibe of many sun-kissed sets from the summer of 2019. Fragrant with disco drums and vibrant with punchy brass, the tracks encapsulates the very essence of festival season, while shining light on a breakthrough year for O’Flynn. Make sure you check out the rest of his Aletheia project.


Palms Trax – To Paradise
Something of a defacto Dekmantel track this summer, raved to and raved about, the scene over. To Paradise also captures the essence of all that Palms Trax promises — synths, 70s-inspired and sultry, seductive sounds. 


Gerry Read – It’ll All Be Over Soon (DJ Koze Remix)
DJ Koze hasn’t put a foot wrong over the last few years. The latest solo album Knock Knock continues to receive rightful acclaim over a year since its release and his slurry of 12”s remain among the biggest hits of each summer. Much as Operator stole the show back in 2016, then Pick Up last year, It’ll All Be Over Soon was 2019’s DJ Koze jam.


Hot Since 82 & Alex Mills – Vapours
Vast and spacey, dark and heavy, Vapours’ atmospheric chill continues to hypnotise and enthrall dancefloors, even into the last few months of 2019. Bleeding into a multitude of genres, flirting with tech, deep and balearic, Vapours was the stand-out moment from Hot Since 82’s equally-impressive ‘8-track’. 


The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On
The Chemical Brothers returned to the spotlight this year with a new album and world tour, supported by sets at Glastonbury, All Points East, Creamfields and more. As such, lead single Got To Keep On was a summer anthem. The techier, punchier, and more hard-hitting Riton remix is also worth a mention.


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