Imagine Dragons – Night Visions


Night Visions is the album home to the massive Radioactive. A song that seeming arrived out of nowhere and took the charts by storm, then came On Top of The World, another one of Imagine Dragons most popular hits; it was used on the Fifa 13 soundtrack and the theatrical trailer for The Croods among others. For the die hard Imagine Dragons fans out there, many will know that Continued Silence was an EP released around 7 months before the full debut album from the LA based group, bluntly put, this featured the best songs from Night Visions. 

Upon listening to Night Visions, you can tell after the popularity of the energetic Radioactive, the rest of the album would follow in suite with Dan Reynolds’ voice dominating the majority of the tracks, and rightly so, the band has an excellent voice to utilise and they do it well. Imagine Dragons enlisted the help of British producer Alex Da Kid to help with the project and you can tell exactly which songs he added to. Alex Da Kidd is ultimately a hip hop producer (responsible for producing Dr Dre‘s I Need A Doctor and Lupe Fiasco‘s Words I Never Said) from these two songs you can almost pinpoint what he brings to Night Visions, drums.

The album is a good one, it has a lot of good songs that make for an enjoyable listen, but, like most debut albums, there is a fair amount of flab including the woeful Amsterdam. It’s Time and Tiptoe shed a different light on Imagine Dragons’ diversity, one that I’d love to see more on a future project, incorporating interesting instruments that result in the trademark Imagine Dragons middle 8.

Night Visions is an enjoyable listen but you may want to think about listening to their first EP, Continued Silence, to get the jist of what you would in listening to the full project. The band often come dangerously close to cheesy however, often relying on a middle 8 that possesses the key change Simon Cowell would use in his latest product’s debut single.

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