Jay Z – The Blueprint

Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint are believed to be Jay Z’s greatest albums, it’s often down to opinion which one is better and in my belief, The Blueprint is superior. Before Mr Carter put out albums like Magna Carta and The Blueprint 3, he released hip hop classics like The Blueprint, albums like this are why he’s often to referred to the king of hip hop.

The Blueprint was the start of many things including the blueprint series itself: Kanye West’s breakthrough to mainstream production, the continuation of Jay/Nas beef and the debate to who was king of rap with Eminem having ‘murdered you on your own shit’ according to Nas with the guest spot on Renegade. Kanye West’s production is exceptional, often enlisting soul heavy samples such as Bobby Blue Band and The Jackson 5, which results in some excellent tracks for Hov to spit some typical flauntinglyrics to.

There are few criticisms of The Blueprint, with Timbaland and Just Blaze creating the respective Hola Hovito and U Don’t Know, itshows what a varied piece of music this is, showing the versatility Jay can utilise depending on the mood or style of a track.

The Blueprint is Jay Z’s best album and anybody who isn’t convinced by his most recent projects can go back to this 2001 masterpiece and revive a intricate piece of the hip hop puzzle. How slick is the album cover too?

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