Festival Preview: Wireless Festival

For fans of hip-hop/rap or R&B, what a lineup. Otherwise, there’s not really a lot to get worked up about. Now as The Wireless Festival is a non camping event – who in their right mind decided that? I was left with the difficult decision of which day to go. Of course the assumed choice would be Kanye and Pharrell on the Friday, however, I like Drake and having seen Rudimental at Glastonbury, I wasn’t ruling Saturday out. Unfortunately, as much as I’d love to see Outkast and as much as I love Ellie Goulding, the Bruno Mars headliner and other pretty average support acts like Salt N Pepa (how old must they be now) and John Newman, led me to rule out Sunday.

The choices I am left with are: 1, do I want to see established hip hop heavyweights in Kanye and Pharrell? or 2, do I want to add a bit of variety with Rudimental and Pretty Lights as well as seeing the next generation of upcoming rappers in Earl Sweatshirt, A$AP Ferg and Chance The Rapper? That’s not to mention Drake, arguably one of the biggest stars in music right now. It’s a tough call and if I’m honest, I’d be happy to do either.

Things to consider include friday night headliners’ set lists. Kanye is currently in the middle of his Yeezus tour and will presumably bring it over to Europe, of course what this means is Kanye’s latest album, Yeezus will be performed in its entirety, yay(!) Pharrell on the other hand, well, what songs does he do as a solo artist that be included on his setlist? Happy? Can I have it like that? A couple of N.E.R.D. hits maybe? My interpretation is that he would ‘perform’ a lot of other artists’ hits that he had a hand in creating – Drop It Like It’s Hot, Get Lucky, Blurred Lines, Grindin’, see where I’m going with this? With that said, Skateboard P is planning on releasing a follow up to In My Mind at some point this year, which could all be additions to his current inadequate setlist.

Most of Drake’s songs are well known and would be great to see live, Forever and Best I Ever Had are reasons enough to see him and with Rudimental being excellent live performers it really would be tough to say no to Saturday’s lineup. I’m a big fan of Earl Sweatshirt and Chance The Rapper and having seen Earl perform with Tyler at Reading last year, it’d be great to see him performing without his OF buddy backing him up. Wiz Khalifa’s not the greatest rapper ever but like Drake has a lot of songs that would be enjoyable to hear live; Young Wild & Free, No Sleep, Roll Up etc. As well as this, Pretty Lights have made a couple of great remixes I like including this excellent remix of John Denver’s Country Roads http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJdxUBgP4L0

In conclusion, like the majority of people, you just can’t turn down the opportunity to see Kanye West. His catalogue of songs is ever-growing and ultimately it’d be impossible to pick Drake over him, unless of course you were one of these die hard Drake fans. http://images.starpulse.com/news/bloggers/10/blog_images/drake-fan-tattoo.jpg

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