Domo Genesis – Rolling Papers

Odd Future’s ‘Mr Smoke-a-lot-of-pot’ often lives in the shadow of his more popular OF cohorts, he’s never going to receive the respect he deserves as an emcee with the underground following of Earl Sweatshirt and the mainstream popularity of Tyler, The Creator. 

Rolling Papers is a frustrating album, Domo Genesis is a competent rapper but it’s almost as if he has no aspirations to reach his potential, it’s typically mellow and floats by with the occasional kick but never really gets going. The Left Brain produced Domier is a reflection of what sort of music Domo Genesis should be replicating, his rhymes are flawless and sit with prominence against the beat, it’s a shame it’s only 1:43seconds long and backs up my point of Domo in a sense, not giving it his all.

Supermarket is the best track on Rolling Papers and sheds a new light on Odd Future, let alone Domo himself. In a rap battle-esque argument with Tyler over queue jumping in, you guessed it, a supermarket, it paints a vivid picture with genuinely funny lyrics that will actually make you laugh; ‘I bet you lock and drop it faggot bitch you ain’t from Compton. Dumbo ears, you Mary Poppin, with that the piece that Kel was rocking’. The pair’s chemistry is a stand out quality of the song.

Rolling Papers puts Domo Genesis’ rapping talents on show but with so-so production and with two minute skits bogging the album down, it’s not a great end product. This is a shame as Genesis possesses the talent, but with no aspirations to achieve the same quality albums his colleagues put out, Domo Genesis will only ever live as an Odd Future afterthought.

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