The xx – Coexist

The xx seem to have gained something of a cult following, an understated trio blessed with their growing popularity through lead; Jamie xx ‘s remixes, such as Gil Scott Heron and Drake, which would later result in Take Care featuring Rihanna. In the aim of creating a minimalist album, The xx have well and truly achieved this, the tracks are so sparse and thin that there is actually such little music to comment on.

Tides and of course, Angels are the stand out tracks, with the former showcasing both vocalists’ talents simultaneously, which acts as a brilliant catalyst to pep up the album a fraction, however at track 8, it seems a little too late. The album can drift by in an instant, with it often becoming hard to distinguish the difference in songs, they’re that similar.

You can appreciate the style of Coexist even if you’re not a massive fan such as myself. It’s a very unique sound that has it’s own niche audience, for me it’s a little too minimalist and in the end I grew weary of it’s bemoaning themes quickly.

Coexist is a dark, isolated album that encapsulates the shadowed musical style of The xx. It’s murky, veiled and if you’re a fan, the album floats by, absorbing and hypnotising along the way. But if you’re not, it can quickly become tiresome and monotonous.

4 thoughts on “The xx – Coexist

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