Big Sean – Finally Famous

Big Sean‘s highly anticipated debut was released with a massive Kanye West cosign and acted as a breakthrough for him, with following guest spots on Cruel Summer it left Big Sean in a powerful position to further rise up the food chain of rap. With something of a star studded track list featuring heavyweights such as Pharrell, Chris Brown and of course, Kanye West, Finally Famous was one to look forward to.

The lyrical content of Finally Famous couldn’t be epitomised better than by the title, it is exactly that, a ‘relief’ of Big Sean’s efforts and that he’s ‘finally’ got to where he wants to be. This can result in two things; 1, heartfelt songs of honesty in the form of Memories or2, cheesy braggy tracks with tired lyrics about wealth, ‘oh shit I’ve finally famous’ moans The Dream. However, luckily this is the only instant of this and both Memories and So Much More are peaks of the album. Other highlights include Wait For Me, the Chiddy Bang (remember them?) assisted High and various No ID production.

There’s a lot of strain and afore-mentioned relief on Finally Famous, on a few songs Big Sean and his producers seem to want to ‘just put the album out’ and get it out there. The majority of the album is well put together and the more lyrically based songs are a massive step up from the careless tracks thrown onto Finally Famous, such as the horrible MC Hammer sampling Dance (A$$).

2 thoughts on “Big Sean – Finally Famous

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