ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron

TDE’s latest release comes in the form of ScHoolBoy Q’s Oxymoron, the latest artist to hit the ground running in terms of popularity and hype. Despite being his third album, it is actually his major label debut after two well received independent albums.

The albums opens with a strange choice – Gangsta, a hard hitting gritty rap filled with ‘ya-ya-ya-ya-yas’ that almost sucker punch you as an opening track, what follows are two songs assisted by Q’s label mates. The former, Los Awesome featuring Jay Rock, sounds remarkably like Teach Me How to Dougie and on the latter, what stands out is Q’s witty lyricism, ‘Fucking in the car service, thank me for the car pool’.

Peaks of Oxymoron is the cleverly produced Hoover Street, the intro bows down to unveil a beat that perfectly compliments Q’s rapping style, more so than any other song on the album. Again the lyricism reflects humour and sex with lines such as ‘eat so much pussy my moustache pink’. Studio is another one of the stand out tracks as well.

The album then begins to fade, until by the end a small part of me was glad it’s all over, the lyrics become tired and dull and you begin to get the message: ScHoolboy Q is a rapper that gets sex, money and the riches that go with it. The album is plagued with annoying hooks as well which don’t give the albumany extra help. On the whole Oxymoron is average, as a finished project the album isn’t memorable despite a couple of good songs.

3 thoughts on “ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron

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