Eliza Doolittle – In Your Hands

I LOVE Eliza Doolittle, there’s just something about her, and her music. The crazy catchy singles she put out a few years ago such as Pack Up, Skinny Genes and Rollerblades were great for what they were and as such she was considered a success; being signed as a ‘global ambassador’ with Nike, furthering a flourishing modelling career among other career opportunities put her sophomore on hold, and then seemingly out of nowhere, her musical career was somewhat revitalised with a guest spot on Disclosure’s You & Me. As such she began releasing new music, around three months later she released the lead single from In Your Hands, Big When I Was Little.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Eliza Doolittle will ever achieve the recognition she deserves as the talented musician and songwriter she is. Ms Doolittle rightfully sticks to what she believes in, and she clearly loves what she does- writing music. Her lyrics are intelligent and evidently close to home, after all, they say you should write about what you know, and Eliza Doolittle is one of those gems who does that.

In Your Hands has a wide variety of songs, from the hilariously catchy lead single, singalong potential Checkmate, emotive and sincere In Your Hands, and the powerfulLet It Rain, it’s all there and and at no point is the album, dull, boring or flat. It’s diverse, fun and possesses that spark of individuality and substance that makes Eliza Doolittle such a likeable artist.

There’s the occasional ‘naff’ line on In Your Hands such as ‘sometimes I wish I was Jesus, I’d get my Air Max on and run across the sea for you’ which will put a lot of people off, but from a different perspective, it just adds that extra bit of character, she’s sponsored by Nike, she grew up in London, why not sing about a shoe she’d obviously wear?

In summary, In Your Hands is a fun little album that oozes character, if you’re sick and tired of recycled top 40 hits, give Eliza Doolittle’s sophomore album a listen, she has a beautiful voice complimented by her songwriting and many of her songs one can relate to. I can only hope Eliza Doolittle carries on what she’s doing in putting out much needed credible music.

N.B. – Eliza Doolittle liked one of my Instagram photos a while back, with a bit of luck, she’ll read this and maybe like it as well!

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