SomethingALaMode – Endless Stairs


SomethingALaMode or SALM release their latest LP – Endless Stairs, with hopes of cementing themselves as the exciting electro/house crossover act they’re known as. Their second full-length album is 12 tracks long and is home to guest spots from the likes of Lola and Adam Joseph.

While listening to Endless Stairs, the one thing that struck me most was the variation of content and musical stylings. Often incorporating various classical instruments make for a dramatic yet intelligent feel, and with the majority of tracks rounded off with a snare of two, what it results in is an exciting piece of music. One of the standout tracks is Endless Stairs and is one of the most layered songs I’ve heard in a while, starting with the classical strings touched upon above, an isolated drum clap is worked in and then we are almost suckerpunched with haunting synth chords.

The guest spots, along with the general organisation and composition of the LP are solid and well executed, with an excellent rap-esque outro from Lola on another highlight – Somebody’s Gonna Love Me. What makes Endless Stairs such an individual project is how the tracks can suddenly change and take on a whole new feel, opening track Toy Spark Gun featuring Dan Black is very much in this vein, a few knocks of a drum machine with a beautiful violin are overthrown with a CHVRCHES-like tune and then Black’s vocals take back the track with his autotune stylings.

It’s an exciting piece of music from SALM, one that can tailor to even the toughest critics; the omnipresent classical inspirations, the constant feel of unknowing where a track will go, and the clever utlization of vocals all make for a more than entertaining listen.

Verdict – WWWV (three and a half Ws)

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