Fest Review- VegFest Bristol


Over the weekend I went to Bristol’s very own; VegFest. With other dates in Brighton and London, its penned as ‘Europe’s Biggest Veggie Events’. Bristol’s event was this weekend, 23rd May – 25th May, and featured performances from the likes of Boney M, Abba Gold and Zion Train. Outdoor events are always a risk here in the UK, but luckily for VegFest and all of its attendees, the weather was idyllic and come Sunday evening, we were blessed with bright sunshine as well as the warmth, which as you’d imagine made VegFest all the more successful.

Upon my arrival [after being ushered through the entrance thanks to my press band] I was offered a free sample of Equinox Kombuchaat first I thought it was alcoholic, like a really weak cider, but the vendor assured me it was but an ‘organic raw soft drink made from sweetened tea’. Continuing my browse into the main tent, it was filled with a plethora of various vegan, organic, and raw natural products, ranging from food, to footwear. In a bid to make my increasingly healthy meals more exciting, who else would know more about spicing up salads than the vegan community? In which I endeavoured in Yaoh, buying some Hemp Seed Oil to drizzle on various salads, pastas, and what not, I’ve already tried it and not only is it greatly beneficial to your health, it gives otherwise plain meals that added kick.


Back to the festival, it’s the perfect size- there’s enough space to find a spot to sit down and watch the world go by, yet it’s bustling and brimming with festival-goers. The colourful characters found at VegFest give the festival that added individuality, from ‘far-out’ hippies draped in ponchos and covered in beads, to older more, let’s say, ‘groomed’ guests, it’s an event for everyone, from teenagers to young children.


Before I knew it, 6:30 came around and Bristol’s Black Roots took to the stage, blessing the crowd with their reggae stylings, the crowds gathered and were more than up for a boogie courtesy of the Bristolian group. Peep a short clip of their performance below:

Performances aside, the various food vendors and caterers were broad enough for every pallet, from Thai to Italian to Caribbean there was something for everyone, all the while of course complying with the strict vegan diet. I personally sampled the Buena Apetito spanish-style paella burrito drizzled in sweet chilli sauce, it was delicious and has my stomach rumbling just thinking about it.

In summary, I really enjoyed VegFest, there’s a lot on offer, a lot to do, and a lot to appreciate- from clay modelling, cooking demonstrations and great live performances from established artists. The sun played a huge part in the success of the festival, and the true aura and atmosphere was encapsulated in the beautiful British sunshine, of course complimented with the prime location of Bristol’s world renowned harbourside.

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