Watch: Who is Ryan Lewis? on Jimmy Fallon

As Jimmy Fallon himself points out – ‘everybody knows who Macklemore is’, and they do, but unfortunately not a whole lot of people know who his producer is – Ryan Lewis is. Now, he’s not exactly an elusive producer like No ID for example, he’s in all of Macklemore’s music videos, and they perform together, yet not everyone’s as aware of his presence as much as his co-star.

As part of a segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Lewis very sportingly, and I must say, hilariously, goes around town asking members of the public what they think of Ryan Lewis, none of them know what he does with one man saying ‘he’s doing something with the computers and what-not’. Lewis is really funny, asking one girl wether he is good looking, in which she gives him a C+, she’s laughably still unaware, and he has to tell her. He also then begins asking them all to point himself out in a photo of himself and Macklemore, all of them are very slow to realise, but once they do – it’s really funny.

Major props to Ryan Lewis for being such a sport, and also being very down-to-earth about the difference in fame between the two musicians. Macklemore makes an unexpected cameo towards the end as well. Watch the video above and be sure to read my review of the duo’s collaborative album – The Heist

Via The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

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