Clint Dempsey to Release Rap Album


The 2014 World Cup is now well underway, one of the most unexpected highlights from the tournament so far was Clint Dempsey’s incredible solo goal within 30 seconds of kick off against Ghana. Thus showing that the US football team, and Dempsey himself can cook up a surprise every now and again. With that in mind, I’m sure you weren’t ready for this surprise- Clint Dempsey is set to release a rap album. Under his ‘stage name’ Deuce, Dempsey has collaborated with Texas rapper XO, to release a full 13-track album entitled The Redux, subject matter likely to be covered include his glittering footballing career, his omnipresence within the US football team and more, he told The Wall Street Journal that ‘we were just having fun with it, and it ended up being an album’.

With his rap career likely to be as successful as the US football team’s hopes at the top spot, stay tuned for a formal release from the sportsman.

[Via Wall Street Journal]

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