The 1975 – The 1975


I’m not exactly sure why, but The 1975 seem to have a massive cult following, everybody seems to like them. They play guitars so they often fall into the rock category somehow, and their tunes are upbeat and absence of profanity, so often they fall into pop, maybe this is why they’re so popular. They didn’t really receive that much chart-success with their singles, but they were popular, and led to their debut LP rocketing to the number one spot.

The 1975 is a very average album, in interviews the group have tried to argue their case that they aren’t a pop group/boyband, but they are, sorry guys. They’re just like Lawson, The Wanted etc. and just because they hold a guitar or drumsticks, it doesn’t make them or their sound any less manufactured. Most songs follow the same formulaic progression and at times while listening I hadn’t even realised the songs had changed. A further complaint of The 1975 is frontman – Matt Healy, he possesses that same-style voice of Bastille frontman Dan Smith in which twinges of vocal talent probe through the track every now and again, but often his vocals are lost in the bore of the music itself which is annoying, because he can sing.

However, there were a couple of saving graces- one of the lead singles, Girls, was a pretty good track that was catchy and was just that degree a bit more likeable that the rest of the mediocre debut. Robbers is also a good song that gives Healy’s vocals room to breathe, much like on the massive hit- Chocolate which was also a standout effort from The 1975’s debut.

I enjoy writing my reviews, I enjoy listening to my music while doing so but during this review I was literally bored. The album is so ‘meh’ and ‘nowhere’ that I often struggled to find not only good points, but also bad points. There’s nothing horribly wrong with it, but there’s nothing great about it- just listen to Girls and be done with The 1975.

Verdict – WW

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