Chance The Rapper Talks with DJ Semtex on BBC 1Extra


Tonight one of the hottest young talents in rapChance The Rapper, had a quick chat with 1Extra’s DJ Semtex. I very very rarely listen to the radio which I’ll talk about in a forthcoming article, but I really wanted to hear about what Chance had to say. The pair covered a variety of topics including future projects, what his thoughts of performing in the UK were like, as well his now-famous Social Experiment project.

On future projects and plans:
Chance was very clear on what the future brings- Lollapalooza in Chicago was to be his last show for a while, and as he’d been touring for over two years he would be taking a break, stating that he ‘needs to chill’, ‘get back to work’ and ‘writing, recording [and] producing’. However, the future looks very exciting for both Chance and his fans- he’s ‘been doing a lot of production with Wyclef, and a little bit of work with J Cole, and obviously James Blake‘, as well as these he’s also working with Boyz Noise and Jessie Ware. He cites all of them as ‘seasoned awesome artists’ and are ‘making me better’.

On performing:
Chance recently performed at London’s The Forum, and he said that he was ‘going to remember London for long time’, mainly because he was performing in a city like London. He also gave details on his policies when performing- he openly refuses the broadcasting of his live shows, why? Well, basically so that his true fans can experience his performances and so that they can ‘take away the energy’ from the live shows that he feels can only be appreciated fully by the people that come to see him- not on a computer, on the same note- he said that there was no plans to release a live release of Acid Rap or to remix the mixtape with help from The Social Experiment.

Via 1Extra

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