Childish Gambino Calls Out Drake and More While Performing in Sydney

Now who doesn’t love some competition? Some rivalry? Well maybe one of rap’s more unexpected stars is at the forefront of a fresh storm- Childish Gambino. During a concert in Sydney amidst a freestyle, Gambino had a few choice words to say about some of rap’s biggest names, more specifically Drake, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q, here’s what Donald had to say:

‘I’m the best rapper, definitely Top 5. If these other rappers think they’re, they’re fucking not alive. I cut their head off, that’s every rapper living. That’s Kendrick, that’s Drake, that’s ScHoolboy, that’s everyone. I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fucking kill you niggas. I’ll fucking kill you niggas.’

With career beginnings as a comedy actor, I can’t help but smirk at a few of his comments, but I do love Childish Gambino and he’s definitely a lot better than people assume. I would be very surprised if any of the above were to respond, for people like Drake it’s just another name to add to the list of people that’ve taken a shot at him, but stay tuned for further developments, and watch the fan footage above.

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