Twin Atlantic – Great Divide


I’m not going to lie, I don’t know a lot about Twin Atlantic, apart from the fact they’re Scottish. I’ve heard a Twin Atlantic song on the radio before and I thought it was alright, and they seem to be gathering more and more momentum as the year comes to a close, so a review seemed fitting. Composed of four members- Sam, Barry, Ross and Craig, Twin Atlantic have released three studio albums with Great Divide being the last, charting at number one in Scotland, and at number six here in England.

Twin Atlantic, as well as their third studio album are very likeable. The noticeable Scottish accent of frontman Sam McTrusty gives them a degree of individuality and shifts them away that extra fraction from the likes of The 1975 and Kodaline, despite often following the same expected formula. Great Divide kicks off with lead single- Heart and Soul, followed by Hold On. Both tracks are as I said, instantly likeable- a nice catchy chorus that begs to be sung-along-to with pleasing music backing it up.

Following these two is Fall Into The Party which is an odd one, part of me associates it with the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer, but then we’re hit with an incredible guitar solo, which leads me to believe Twin Atlantic are more than meets the eye. Oceans is probably my favourite track on the album and reminds me of the aforementioned Kodaline, just with a bit more fire to them. The album them continues in the same likeable fashion- it doesn’t in any stretch of the imagination blow me away, but it’s a pretty good listen.

Great Divide can appeal to a wide audience, and I’m surprised that Twin Atlantic aren’t already a household name. As I said, they have less of a ‘boy band’ feel to them, with that extra degree of credibility about them, which will also give them future success at award ceremonies and main-stage-spots at festivals. I’d be surprised if you gave Great Divide a listen and hated it, because there isn’t really anything to hate, but in all honesty there isn’t really a lot to rave about either.

Verdict – WWW

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