Jaden Smith’s New Song Is Sick

Over here in the UK, we aren’t as exposed, or simply not as interested in Jaden Smith, we know about his flop of a film with his Dad and that’s really about it. This means that when the kid starts rapping, we have nothing to feed off when it comes to calling him whack, giving us the perfect stance to judge him as an MC.  In near-enough the exact same way Childish Gambino had to win over the public due to his past career/image, Jaden Smith‘s had to reinvent himself to become in any way, a successful rapper.

This is the first song of his I’ve ever listened to, and it’s a decent track, really decent to be fair. The beat is a more-than-solid piece of instrumental, featuring soulful piano accompaniment that welcomes Smith’s vocals. As you might expect there’s the occasional naff line such as ‘until then me and you can have a real fun day’, but then again, JAY Z still thinks he’s ‘half-man, half-mammal’. Other than that, seriously try and imagine this isn’t the kid who cried while watching Drake, imagine he’s that gem you find on Soundcloud at three in the morning, while I can’t say he’ll be the next whoever, this track is sick.

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