Vince Staples – Hell Can Wait (EP)


As I detailed in my article on the state of rapVince Staples slots into the wave of fresh talent to a tee, the kid has been building up a more than impressive catalogue, in which locking in with the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller and Common. Since putting pen-to-paper and signing a major deal with Def Jam, this is officially his first studio release, in this instance coming in the form of an EP, Hell Can Wait is ready to buy or stream now.

Hell Can Wait is a short-but-sweet EP featuring seven songs, Teyana Taylor makes a guest contribution to Limos, and Vince Staples comes together once again with No ID for Hands Up. The project is decent, it features a wide variety of hip-hop stylings, from the Drake-esque Limos, to 65 Hunnid- a track which I can’t help but make comparisons to Nelly’s early days, the hook is an absolute gem too.

The gritty-yet-minamlist beats that probably take more of an inspiration from Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt are where I feel Vince Staples gives his best lyrical performances, on Screen Door he raps; ‘Cause testimonies from homies can lead to longer convictions’. He’s a very talented lyricist but often I feel he should stick to his verses compared with bogging the tracks down with lazy hooks such as on this track.

On the whole, Hell Can Wait is an average EP compared with other rap being released at the moment, if you look at the brass-infused rap Chance is putting out, the sucker-punching one liner raps from Action Bronsonor the witty quick-fire verses from Vic Mensa, Hell Can Wait simply isn’t all that memorable. However, it’s not without its highlights, and there are certainly some gems that illustrate Vince Staples as the talent he’ll one day be, but there’s not a whole lot to distinguish him as the new face of the West Coast.

Verdict – WWV

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