Gorgon City – Sirens


As we all know, everyone and their mums are listening to house at the moment. Of course what this means is that more and more producers are beginning to spring out of nowhere- Route 94, Bondax, Snakehips, MK, Friend Within, the list is quite literally endless. Another act of this caliber is British duo Gorgon City, acts that are generally going to get anywhere in this genre need ‘that song’ that will forever be associated with them, Gorgon City’s is Ready For Your Love featuring MNEK, a song that flew up the charts to number four. The excellent follow-up single Unmissable didn’t do quite as well, but the two songs showed that Gorgon City were impressive house producers.

Sirens is everything you can love about house, the chilled-yet-peppy baselines, easy-to-listen yet hard-hitting vocals, synths, warps and strings around every corner, what more could you want. Gorgon City have somehow adopted a very distinctive sound in a genre with such a formulaic makeup, house is house at the end of the day. However, the more and more you listen to Sirens, if you heard a song by them not on the album, I bet somehow you would be able to tell it from other producers, this is something you’ve really got to give the duo credit for.

One of the highlights from Sirens is the Erik Hassle-featured FTPA, a song that doesn’t necessarily conform to typical house, the ‘drop’ is tremendously measured and with toots from a trumpet towards the end, plus the I See You Baby-esque drum pattern, makes for an excellent track that despite its subtlety, stands out as one of the best. However, it’s not just this invention which pushes the boat out a bit, there’s nothing wrong with the obvious- Lover Like You featuring the perfectly fitting voice of Katy B is an ‘expected’ track to say the least, but then again what’s wrong with that in small doses- there’s still a lot to like.

Gorgon City’s debut album is a good one. It’s not going to blow you away by any stretch of the imagination, but in a world plagued with all kinds of house, it is memorable. However, you do have a lot of tracks which are forgettable, a brave, maybe somewhat naive choice from the duo in having a full 13-track LP, my mind certainly began to wander, but in any case, I enjoyed Sirens. 

Verdict – WWW

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