Alt-J’s Cover of Latch is The Worst Thing I’ve Heard in a While

Radio 1’s Live Lounge is a remarkable thing, some of the covers that pop up on there are sometimes even better than the original, and it’s a fascinating thing to see an artists’ take on another musician’s song. However, every once in a while an artist attempts something that they should simply never ever try. This time around is indie three piece Alt-J, who somehow decided it was a good idea to cover Disclosure’s now-anthemic Latch. While watching this absolute butchering of a modern-day classic, I was simply baffled and completely lost for words. I’ll let you fill in the blank as to what I thought by watching the cover above.

2 thoughts on “Alt-J’s Cover of Latch is The Worst Thing I’ve Heard in a While

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  2. I just think you’re a judge-mental prick that can’t appreciate a different approach. I’d like to see you try and sing as well as he does. You probably tried to make it in the music industry and flopped. So instead you spend your time dissing other commercial bands. The fact that you think Latch is a ‘modern-classic’ just shows your ability to rate music accordingly. Don’t be a dick. Just enjoy the creative vibes and stop complaining.

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