McBusted – McBusted


Much like every British person my age, back in the day Busted were my absolute favourite, they were the first album I’d ever listened to from start to finish, the first act I’d seen live, and I absolutely loved them. Following their break up, Mcfly filled the pop-rock shaped void that Busted had left, and their success continued into my teens. A few years down the line, the two groups combined forces- minus the waster who split Busted up in the first place, to form the ‘supergroup’ McBusted. For my readers outside of the UK, McBusted slot somewhere in between One Direction and Blink 182. 

As I’ve said, I’m impartial to a bit of cheesy pop-rock, particularly the stylings that have made the likes of Sum 41 and Good Charlotte stars, however, it pains me to say it, I’m sorry guys, but McBusted is horrible to listen to. Unfortunately I don’t know where to begin with how bad this album is, but let’s take Hate Your Guts. For starters McBusted, you’re a pop rock group, please don’t try to be edgy and taboo, titling a song like this is just wrong and just makes you look foolish. Secondly, the lyrics are simply horrendous; ‘Shit I hate you so much // I hope you suffer a small paper cut’ or ‘I hope the battery dies on your phone // I hope your favourite TV show fails to record’. Literally what are these lyrics? I’m mainly embarrassed that Mark Hoppus had to be a part of it.

Things just get worse for McBusted the more I listen to their debut. It appears that McBusted don’t know what angle they’re gunning for, often they sound like carbon copies of 5 Seconds Of Summer, but without the catchy hook, cheesy bridge or infectious production qualities, and then they just sound like a concocted mess of the aforementioned One Direction, Sum 41 and Blink 182. Songs like Riding On My Bike are just hilarious to listen to, it’s impossible to believe that they genuinely thought that this was a good idea.

McBusted lacks the catchy teenage appeal of Busted, and the more fiery charm of McFly, the group seem to be desperately clinging on to what they once had as my generation’s ‘first band’. McBusted may have slotted nicely into the pop-rock era of yesteryears, but in an age where Soundcloud and Spotify bless the new generations with catchier/poppier music from the likes of Lawson or The Vamps, McBusted simply don’t have a place in music in 2014, and it’s no more encapsulated by their car crash of a debut.

Verdict – W 

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