Live Review: Camo & Krooked, Calyx & Teebee and TC at Motion Bristol

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 15.56.46

Just like the rest of the world, I was out enjoying myself getting intoxicated on New Year’s Eve. As somebody who lives in the Bristol (in the South West of England) it’s somewhat ridiculous that this was the first time I’d been to the world renowned Motion Skatepark/Club- the 29th best club in the world according to DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs. 

Motion is an incredible venue, it bleeds between inside and outside creating a flowing environment filled with good vibes and great people. Near everyone at the venue is there to have a good time, and within half an hour of getting in, I was already speaking to a stranger about the time he’d seen High Contrast at a Hospitality event, because we’d coincidentally both been rocking the Hospital Records logo on our tees.

Camo & Krooked thwomped room one with disgusting beats, criss-crossed with oddly contrapuntal drops that surprised, enthralled and blew the crowd away. Calyx & Teebee took to the stage with an air of nostalgia about them- churning out various throwback hits courtesy of RAM Records such as Chase & Status’ Smash TV , as well as timeless hits such as Rusko’s Everyday and Shy FX’s Original Nuttah. From what I can remember, Bristol-born TC was next up, and perfectly executed the peak of the night with the constant barrage of bass becoming nothing short of relentless- but still much much needed.

NYE 2014 was the ultimate way to bid farewell to an outstanding year. The various acts on show at Motion were all exquisitely fluent and the various styles effortlessly transitioned, epitomising the easy-going feel good, yet full-on mess of a night it was. I can’t recommend Motion Bristol enough, nor the acts detailed above, particularly TC. A must see/go.

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