Apologies For The Absence


Apologies to all my loyal followers for the lack of content over the past week-or-so. I’ve been without a laptop for that long thanks to a clown on ebay, and rather than deliver you half-assed articles and reviews that would have come via my phone, I thought it would be better to give you fully-fledged reviews and such for you to read once my replacement laptop had arrived.

Now that it has, and with a number of albums still fresh in my mind from the past week, expect to see reviews of Uptown Special from Mark Ronson, Rae Sremmurd’s Srummlife, Fall Out Boy’s sixth studio album and more. Once again, apologies for the lack of content, and be sure to look out for the aforementioned reviews, as well as an all-new instalment of the Essential: series, set to be posted within the week!


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