Introducing: The West Review +


Today marks a new chapter of The West Review. As it stands, The West is home to purely music news, previews and reviews, but now I’m branching out into other topics that interest me just as much in the format of The West Review +. On this new platform I will be reviewing and previewing various films, TV shows, games, sport, men’s style, art, design and more. However, everything on my new (separate) site will be in the exact same format and style, the theme and layout will stay the same, the same fonts/colours/style/structure- everything about The West will travel over to The West Review +.

What I will say is that The West itself will in no way change, you can still expect the same amount of content, and it is still my focal point. However, The West Review + will just act as a thought space for when I need to tell the world about a Supreme collaboration that’s caught my eye, or how mind-blowing the new series of Orange Is The New Black is, once it’s finally released. Let’s say that The West Review + is in beta.

Stay tuned for more information and be sure to keep an eye on The West Review + here, or by accessing the site through The West’s homepage/taskbar.

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