Years and Years – Y & Y EP


Bridging the gap between an array of contemporary genres from house, to electro pop, Years and Years are continuing their monumental rise to the top after taking home the BBC’s Sound of 2015 award. Comprised of four tracks, including the charting hit Desire, Y & Y EP is the first official release from the three-piece since their breakthrough.

Nodding at the likes of The Weeknd, Olly Alexander’s symphonic vocals reach the heights of the aforementioned pulsating the EP with R&B and soul influences. While at times the productional values and the overall structure can be a bit predictable and obvious, such as with the Calvin Harris-inspired EDM-style King, the general aura of Y & Y is punchy, poppy and possesses that added bit of character missing from a lot of pop releases nowadays.

Y & Y EP is a a fun little project, home to a real talent in the form of Alexander and his soulful vocals. While I was in no way blown away by the sometimes suspect composition, the final track on the EP- Memo, shows to me why Years and Years are such a critic’s choice. The song is lower tempo, more delicately structured, and gives Alexander a better platform to show us his talent, if you take something away from Y & Y, let it be Memo.

Verdict – WWV

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