Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late


Annoyingly, the bigger Drake gets, the less and less I like his music, and I’m definitely not a hater, but I’m 100% not a Stan either. So Far Gone was amazing, Thank Me Later was decent, Take Care was alright, not really my thing, but alright, and Nothing Was The Same was simply a massively overrated project. Present day, and now we find ourselves at his latest release- If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

‘I’m a mother fucking legend oh my God’ Drizzy moans on the opening track, well Mr Graham, when you have not one, but two spelling mistakes on your album artwork, I personally fail to see how this is possible. I don’t know if this intentional or what, and even if it is I can’t think of one reason why, but apart from tricking people into thinking you’re dyslexic, and therefore heighten the appearance of your ability, I can’t think of a reason for these mistakes besides stupidity. ANYWAY, back to the album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late progresses the predictable formula and lacklustre structure of Nothing Was The Same. The uninventive and expected production courtesy of buddies 40, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Boi-1da, is relentless across the assortment of 17 tracks.

That’s my main problem with 2015 Drake, you’ve done this all before! The same content, the same wordplay, the same formula, the same structure, the same producers, I’m just as uninterested as I was when you first decided to stop putting out gems likes Forever, Successful and Best I Ever Had. If we take a look at No Tellin’- a beat comprised of maybe five notes, and a drum pattern Drake can’t help himself from recycling, and why rappers have suddenly started doing these strange ‘yaups’ and the end of sentences I’ll never know, but again Drizzy insists on following, where as once upon a time he was the one starting the trends. While the project has its blips of reportable highlights- Now & Forever and 10 Bands, by the time I got to Jungle, I was massively unimpressed.

As I’ve said, I really am a big fan of Drake, and I’m definitely not a hater like a lot of the world, but If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is a sloppy, lazy project. It’s not necessarily a poor/bad piece of music, it’s just so similar to everything out there at the moment, it’s not something I’ve personally come to expect from an artist of Drake’s caliber, I’ve basically just heard it all before.

Verdict – WWV

7 thoughts on “Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

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