Earl Sweatshirt – I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside


There’s been something of a lull within music at the moment in terms of LPs released, with the exception of Kendrick Lamar of course. But today (March 23rd), we’ve been blessed with three projects all with massive anticipation- Action Bronson’s Mr Wonderful, Major Lazer’s Peace Is The Mission, and Earl Sweatshirt’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Released with near-enough zero promotion, except for a small teaser with the release of Grief, the album is absent of any contributions from Odd Future except a small cameo from OF-affiliate Na’Kel Smith. Here you have it, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside an Album by Earl Sweatshirt.

By now you should be familiar with the structure and general feel to Earl’s music- gritty, dark, minimalist production, it all leaves the man himself to provide the backbone of the track with his vocals, rather than with the music itself. What this means is that his lyrical ability is very much heightened. From a lyrical and delivery point of view, there aren’t many that come close to Earl Sweatshirt. For me, the most impressive onslaught of vocabulary is on Off Top- ‘I’m only happy when there’s static in the air cause the fair weather fake to me // Living in the scope, hairs crossed like adjacent street.’ I Don’t Like Shit really does have some of Earl’s most impressive wordplay to date.

However, this very specific approach to rap is near-enough exactly the same as on Doris, and while it’s only a blip of hesitancy for me, I’m sure this ‘consistent’ three-album approach may be wearing a little thin for a lot of people. That being said, there’s still room for progression on I Don’t Like Shit, a couple of inventive ‘outros’ to a lot of songs including Huey’s that’s remarkably reminiscent to the OF Tape II’s Analog 2. The haunting combination of strings against a lonesome drum clap that makes up part 2 of track 7- Radio, also screams Portishead, a band that Odd Future are known to be big fans of.

I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside is typical Earl Sweatshirt- it’s everything a fan can ask from the darkest (music wise) member of Odd Future. There’s a lot of things on the LP that push away from EARL and Doris, and with production now handled almost entirely by himself, it’s no longer just another LP within OF’s catalogue. I Don’t Like Shit paints Earl Sweatshirt as a separate entity, as a more complete, rounded artist- almost in the same way Frank Ocean’s excluded himself yet remained faithful to Odd Future. A solid, typically-Earl piece of music.

Verdict – WWWW

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