[LIVE REVIEW] Timber Timbre at Latitude 2015


Photo credit: Timber Timbre official Facebook page

By Tom Makinson

Latitude, a festival famous for celebrating all forms of arts and music did not disappoint this year, presenting a veritable smorgasbord of weird and wonderful talent. One such example of Latitude‘s variety is Timber Timbre. I first heard Timber Timbre a few months ago whilst scrolling through Spotify radio. Upon first hearing them I was struck by the deep, murky vocals and vintage blues guitar music, that would not seem out of place featuring in a Tarantino film. I had to check them out.

I was met with the somber blues beat of deep dark rock ’n’ roll pulsing through the forest around me. As one of the opening acts of the festival, Timber Timbre did not disappoint, playing a deep and soulful set to a packed out tent on the iArena stage. First impressions of the band are good, and the music boasts originality and depth whilst also showcasing the band’s technical skill. The band’s front man Taylor Kirk, a man who bears a strong resemblance to the character Joe Caputo from the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, commands the stage with booming baritone vocals equal to the likes of Urge Overkill and Neil Diamond. Kirk’s voice is distinctive and unique, with a talent like that its obvious as to why the band have such a strong cult following.

Good as the music was, I couldn’t help but notice the performance was a little bland. I am aware Timber Timbre’s style is an acquired taste but for two thirds of the set I found myself a little bored. However, the set was rescued by the introduction of a baritone saxophone, ultimately turning a set already rich with murky blues into a filthy, deep, dark rock ‘n’ roll free-for-all. Playing such songs as Black Water and Hot Dreams the band showcased their immense talent and wealth of originality, qualities hard to come by in 2015.

Overall Timber Timbre impressed me with their performance and as the first act I saw at Latitude, it got my festival off to a great start, setting a very high standard for the weekend. Though highly enjoyable for the most part, I found elements of their performance a little dull but unfortunately with a band as niche as this I expect it was inevitable. They are a band which will have music lovers sat on the fence, but ultimately I believe they will grow on most people who nurture the interest.

Verdict – WW

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