[ALBUM REVIEW] Justin Bieber – Purpose


Now I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve always been a fan of Justin Bieber. And it seems as with the release of his fourth studio album, Purpose, the world has began to warm to him, or at least his music. Now don’t get me wrong, the kid definitely doesn’t help himself, with an laundry-list of controversial incidents keeping him firmly in the spotlight, giving everybody more of a reason to justifiably hate. But, after world-dominating hits such as Where Are U Now or What Do You Mean, it seems like Bieber is beginning to gain even more of a fanbase than before.

After the aforementioned singles, as well as Sorry, it gave a flavour of what to expect from Purpose. While the songwriting and content is pretty much what you can expect from a Justin Bieber album, it’s the production, which has obviously been sent through an electro-flavoured filter, that makes the album memorable. Jaunty lifters such as I’ll Show You, and sultry R&B chill-outs such as Company are both omnipresent song styles of Purpose, and the deviation between the two is nicely structured.

No matter how much Bieber’s hate-base may argue, there’s no getting around how catchy and likeable his music is. His voice is easy to listen to and the production is always complimenting to his poppy charms. Purpose definitely shows Bieber edging into new territory; the electro influences are in abundance on the LP and it’s good to see the Biebz beginning to try out new avenues of pop. That said, this is still very much a pop album, and those looking for typically catchy and songs of a ‘banger’ status- Purpose is still very much a Justin Bieber project, and this is perfectly fine with me.

Verdict – WWW

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