[LIVE REVIEW] Kiasmos at Electric Brixton, London

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Kiasmos are a name you really should take a note of. Composed of Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen, Kiasmos are an experimental electro duo from Iceland. The spectrum of sound the pair adhere to is a broad one; often ultra-minimalist, often grand and over the top, their music is heavily influenced by classical themes, with strings and pianos playing a big part in their sound. Kiasmos have continued their understated progression with the release of their critically-acclaimed, self-titled debut album released last year, followed up by a European tour this year. I managed to catch them last weekend (20th November) at Electric Brixton in London.

Kiasmos’ debut was a patient and delicately constructed piece of music, one that grew and flourished the further you got into it; their live show followed a similar theme. However, rather than do it themselves, they left the ‘introductory duties’ to support acts Christian Löffler, Dauwd and Rachael Lyn. The three nurtured the crowd, tirelessly reworking beat loops, ever so fractionally each time. They built up the crowd’s confidence, getting them used to the thematics of the night, ready for Kiasmos’ eventual hour and a half slot.

From the moment you step into Electric Brixton in London, (an incredible venue whatever the genre) the atmosphere consumes you, reeling you into the chilled-yet-punchy aura constructed by all those involved. Kiasmos’ intricate drum patterns, delicately draped piano chords, and isolating strings, all thrive on the grounds of trance-like wonder. The grandiose vibe of Kiasmos’ soundscapes are hypnotically transferred from artist to audience with majestic flow and mutual avidity for the art.

Those of you looking for a hazy night of blurred progressive electronica should look no further. Kiasmos and co. are experts at creating an atmosphere, with every detail of sound and vision tirelessly perfected to heighten the aura, the vibe, and the experience. While the music is grand and vast, the duo are noticeably humble and restrained, with reportable dignity and heartfelt appreciation continually painted on the pair’s faces. An absolute, must experience experience.

Verdict – WWWW

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