[LIVE REVIEW] Klingande at Roundhouse, London

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Klingande Live at Roundhouse, London
with support from Felix Jaehn and Kungs

Switching things to a more personal note, last week on May 2nd was the annual celebration of my birth, which was fortunate enough to fall on a bank holiday. As such, a night on the town was a given. Just as if the God’s had realised my desire for a good birthday, Klingande was set to perform at Roundhouse in London alongside Felix Jaehn and Kungs. All three could all be considered something of a one-hit wonder as of now, with Jubel, Cheerleader and Are You With Me respectively being the tracks that made them the names they are today. However, boasting his only live show in Europe this year, Klingande at Roundhouse was one I had to give a go.

Everybody involved at Roundhouse excluding the lighting and sound engineers need to take a long hard look at themselves. We’d bought tickets in advance via newly-marketed ticketing service Dice, which promised us no queuing and painless entry to the venue. Twice we got told to change queues and so lost our place when we got turned around at the door, with our virtual tickets not being accepted at the door. In what seems the most ridiculous and ill-thought-out entry process- we had to queue with a barcode, have it scanned and exchanged for a another barcode (just in physical paper form), and then have to queue once more to have that barcode scanned. We then had to wait to be searched, and then furthermore for the cloakroom. What makes this process an even more long-winded process was that each ticket was named and the two, yes two, members of staff catering to over 1700 people entering the venue, had to individually search through a collection of tickets to find our specific one. Who in their right mind thought of that?


Roundhouse and entry aside, the show was incredible. Kungs’ opening set was filled with crowd pleasers and sun-kissed house, such as a remix of Mumford & Sons’ Believe, as well as his own remix of Are You With Me. Felix Jaehn nearly knocked me six when his set opened with the iconic keyboards on The Who’s Baba O’Riley, this was indicative of his set which included an abundance of well-devised surprises, spanning trance, EDM and house.

Klingande took to the stage about 1:30am, settled into his position behind the decks, joined by a drummer to his right, and a highly-skilled saxophonist and harmonica player. The three trawled through an extensive catalogue of electronic music, from all-out singalong crowd pleasers such as Calvin Harris, to deeper and more hard-hitting bass-orientated bangers. Klingande’s own material, while limited as of yet, were undoubtedly some of the night’s highlights, with the saxophone-reliant tracks resonating with the crowd courtesy of the gusto provided via Mr Saxophone.

The absolute highlight for me came via Flume’s remix of You & Me. The sound guys at Roundhouse need a special mention for pushing the sound system to its absolute limit, with the bass as heavy, yet the production crystal clear- the drop was one to die for. The long-awaited Jubel was a triumphant finale and the crowd grew emotional with the feel-good vibes of the music dominoing throughout the audience. Impressive and inventive show, with some particularly stand-out moments.

Verdict – WWWW


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