[ALBUM REVIEW] Young Fathers – Cocoa Sugar

Young Fathers – Cocoa Sugar
Release: 9th March 2018
Label: Big Dada
Producers: Young Fathers
Singles: Lord, In My View

A coveted Mercury Prize award, the opening act for Massive Attack, a sell-out UK tour, and soundtrack duties for Danny Boyle’s T2- there’s not much Young Fathers haven’t already achieved in their short careers so far. But as we’ve recently predicted for the Scottish trio, 2018 is shaping up to be their biggest year so far, particularly with the release of their third studio album Cocoa Sugar, an LP already boasting the outstanding lead singles Lord, and In My View.

Categorisation has always been one of Young Fathers’ most notable, as well as championing qualities, and Cocoa Sugar doesn’t make that task of genre-fying any easier, with the worlds of hip-hop, rock, electronic and soul blurred together with a gritty venom and nonchalant swagger. The mystifying 12-track project dips in and out of powerful soaring soul, while flirting with dainty production elements and lo-fi hip-hop instrumentation, all topped off with a gospel-tinged heart and fire.

Cocoa Sugar is an absorbing, moving thrill ride full of shocks and surprises. Its dynamic lyricism and song-writing, powerful vocal performances the album over, and a scattered non-linear structure make for an exciting journey through an array of contemporary genres. Young Fathers might just be the most unpredictable, yet strangely consistent band in the world right now, and Cocoa Sugar could be the group’s most challenging, most rewarding release so far.

Verdict- WWWW

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