[FESTIVAL REVIEW] Boomtown 2018


CharlieRaven_Boomtown2018_BANG HAI_354.jpg

Photo credit: Charlie Raven

Boomtown 2018
Winchester, Hampshire
9th-12th August
Gorillaz, Die Antwoord, Limp Bizkit, Jimmy Cliff

Across its extravagant ten-chapter history, Boomtown Fair has comfortably and undoubtedly cemented itself as one of the most innovative events in the UK. Continually blurring the lines between art forms, across music, arts, theatre, drama and cinema, in the past Boomtown has boasted musical talents from the likes of Madness, Gorgol Bordelo, Cypress Hill, Leftfield and Squarepusher. And at this year’s event, as Saturday night headliners, it’s perhaps the biggest performers in the festival’s history – Gorillaz.

Boomtown Fair is an indescribable event, an inexpressible place, and simply an unfathomable experience. Bursting with the three Cs of creativity, community and culture, Boomtown is teeming with every avenue of the arts, with self-expression at the core of its execution and output.

BT2018_MikeMassaro_LionsDen_OpeningCeremony-1562 copy

Photo credit: Mike Massaro

The production values and elaborate stage designs are like nothing else on offer in the festival world, with each district more extravagant than the last. From the sleepy-chill vibes of Whistlers Green populated by artist like Romare or Maribou State, to the domineering might of Bang Hai Towers, home to DnB heavyweights like London Elektricity or Danny Byrd.

Wether it’s a stumble through Old Town’s Street Venues, or an awe-inspiring journey through Downtown’s litter of tucked away experiences, right through to the abundance of hidden forest feats, it’s clear from the get-go that Boomtown is a festival powered by discovery.

CharlieRaven_Boomtown2018_TOWN CENTRE.jpg

Photo credit: Charlie Raven

There are few, if any criticisms of an event of Boomtown’s magnitude. The rain had no chance of dampening any spirits, and was quickly forgotten about in a haze of performance and celebration. That being said, Sector 6 and Bang Hai Towers continue to be on the quiet side, particularly with the bass response, but it’s a well-documented battle with the authorities that restricts Boomtown’s decibels, so it’s impossible to point the finger here.

Boomtown is the best festival in the country. It’s like nothing else on offer in the UK, and is streaks ahead of any sort of a competitor. With the might of Gorillaz an indicator of the festival’s future, one can only dream about what’s to come in the next chapter of Boomtown.


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