What is The West Review?
When I read reviews across the internet, ultimately I want to know two things; is it a good album? Is it worth a listen? That’s what The West Review is all about, providing readers with the good, the bad, and a final conclusive opinion.

How is this blog organised?
When I listen to a new album, I will play it through from start to finish twice, then there are two pathways I normally follow; If I enjoy it I will continue to listen to it in its entirety and appreciate it for the body of work the artist intended OR I will chop it up and take away the highlights leaving the poorer tracks filling up space on my hard drive. Often I will return to these ‘rejected’ tracks to see if my judgement was correct and in many cases it isn’t always just. For example, upon first listening to Kendrick Lamar’s excellent Good Kid, M.A.A.D City I took away The Art of Peer Pressure, The Recipe, Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe and Poetic Justice as the most enjoyable tracks from the album, dismissing all others for the time being. However, on returning to listen to the album once more, a year after its release, I now see what a near perfect piece of music K Dot’s major label debut really is.

This approach to listening to music, means albums will be reviewed at contrasting timescales as it took me a year to appreciate Good Kid, M.A.A.D City where as Childish Gambino’s Camp or Disclosure’s Settle I could listen to to from start to finish, repeatedly, on the day of release.

What genres of music will be reviewed?
I consider myself to have a broad taste in music genres, I would say Hip-Hop/Rap would be the most consistent type of music to appear in review form but I would like to bring a degree of variation to the blog and include some electronic, dance, soul, rock, pop and the occasional soundtrack such as the brilliant Spring Breakers one.

How often will the blog be updated?
My aim is to post around three album reviews per week, some weeks there could be more, some weeks there could be less.

I am more than happy to review requested albums or music. Have a friend in a band? Can’t decide wether to buy an album or not? Tweet me @joestevens95 or drop me a comment with the name of the album and artist and I’ll upload a review within a few days.

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