Chase & Status – No More Idols

I love Chase & Status, while breaking none of the boundaries of the genres they dominate and bringing little to no groundbreaking, game changing music, they’re good at what they do. Very good. They play to their strengths and put out some great music that appeals to a wide audience, enlisting cleverly devised guest artists in the process.

No More Idols was a fair album, enjoyable but nothing amazing. But this was before I saw them live. Seeing Chase & Status at Glastonbury was one of those moments that I’ll never forget, one of the best acts I’ve seen, up there with the likes of Eminem, Green Day and Nas. So my reviewing of this album may be a bit biased after the performance I saw last summer.

Opening track No Problem is a big hitter, a catchy half rap, half reggae verse with a belter of a drop, it’s easy to see why the used it to open their set at both Reading and Glastonbury. Of course then there are the fan favourites, the songs that make you want to go to town just by listening to them – Blind Faith, Let You Go, End Credits, Flashing Lights and of course, Hypest Hype.  And that’s exactly what music should do (in some cases); remind you of things, bring up thoughts and memories, make you want to do something.

As mentioned, Chase & Status play to their strengths and put out music they know their audience will like, and on only their second album, there’s not a lot wrong with that, they’ve evolved their sound from More Than A Lot and have further done so on their latest release Brand New Machine. But the do run the risk of becoming a clone of themselves, there are a couple of poor[er] tracks on No More Idols such as Midnight Caller and Hocus Pocus but on the whole it makes for a great listen.

Chase & Status don’t bring a lot to the table in terms of bringing a fresh, never-before-heard sound, but what they do do is put out some entertaining music that is guaranteed a pleasurable listen. They can often become repetitive and you can tell a Chase & Status song a mile off, but in the end, what’s wrong with that?

4 thoughts on “Chase & Status – No More Idols

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