The Blanks – Riding The Wave

As probably the most obscure album I’m going to review, Riding The Wave is the debut album from The Blanks. The Blanks are an American a cappella group made famous from a recurring appearance in sitcom Scrubs, where they’realso known as Ted’s Band. As something of a gimmick, Riding The Wave was actually fun to listen to.

I think a cappella music is an incredibly underrated art form, the way the musicians can craft entire songs without the accompaniment of instruments is an incredible talent. I only ever downloaded Riding The Wave because of The Blanks’ cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya, which you should listen to right now. It’s a brilliant take on the arguably Outkast’s biggest hit, with the only accompaniment being a ukelele; it’s toned down, reduced, measured and a great cover that really is brilliant. A cover of Superman, (the theme tune to Scrubs) is another great take on an already good song.

Other than that, the album is filled with strange minute-to-two-minute ‘skits’ is all I can call them, with the longest being just over three minutes. It doesn’t put any of The Blanks’ talent on show and is ultimately just annoying, which is a shame because when they do full length songs, be it covers or originals, they’re a great listen.

Along with the aforementioned cover of Hey Ya, another great cover they do is Somewhere Over The Rainbow, I’d recommend listening to these songs greatly, but unfortunately the album lacks any real depth or thought. Although not brilliant, you might want to give this a listen, it’s more funny than a good piece of work – hard to believe this whole thing is just their voices.

Seriously though, listen to Hey Ya –

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