Calvin Harris – 18 Months

Calvin Harris leapfrogged his way to the highest paid DJ in the world last year with help from his latest release 18 Months, all nine singles were massive hits, with every one making the top ten- the first album ever to do so, some might say it was a bit of a success.

You can appreciate 18 Months for what it is: a pop heavy dance album that can be enjoyed more on a beach listening to Bounce, or listening to Sweet Nothing in a club, than it can as a credible, well structured, respected piece of music. Thank God Harris enlisted assistance across the album, Awooga and Green Valleyare the few tracks on the album without any (of very few) vocals, and they’re uninteresting blank tracks that could have been scratched altogether.

The album is epitomised by the Ellie Goulding assisted I Need Your Love and it’s accompanying video. Mucking around in the Mediterranean with your beautiful partner videoing the whole thing, visiting the beach, the clubs, the sights and that’s pretty much what the album’s all about – it’s fun, easy to listen to, blessed with catchy hooks, scripted drops and expected guest spots. But are these really faults? 18 Months brings nothing new to the music scene but the majority of the tracks and going to leave a smile on your face.

3 thoughts on “Calvin Harris – 18 Months

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